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For any commendations or complaints you may contact our General Manager at 702-649-5466.

VIP Limousines offers the highest level of customer service. Our terms and conditions are easy to read and are here for your review. There is no attempt in hiding or disguising any of our terms which we deem reasonable and fair for both the company's security and the clients satisfaction. In the event, on a very rare occasion, a quote may be incorrect. We will revise that quote when a supervisor reviews all team members work daily. If there is a rare error, you will be notified within ample time and have the option to cancel at no charge. We are not responsible for typo's or incorrect rates that have been corrected to your knowledge. A common courtesy and acknowledgement of a simple error and obvious mistake is appreciate.


* There is a 24-hour cancellation policy on all Standard "One Hour" Reservations. That means that you will be charged "in full" if the reservation is cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled reservation time. Cancellations on "standard" one hour reservations are subject to a $ 25.00 cancellation fee, per reservation, to cover the time of preparing the reservation(s) and the loss of revenue that VIP Limousines will incur by the time slot not being utilized. If your reservation is "multiple hours' (more than one), there is a 25% cancellation fee, per reservation. Due to the current Covid 19 pandemic, all $ 25.00 cancellation fees and 25% cancellation fees, may be used as a "Credit" for a future booking if booked within "1" years of the Cancellation. *This does not apply to cancellations made within the 24 hour commencement of the reservations. This applies to all standard reservations.

(a) For Shuttle or Party Buses, "and" vehicles reserved for multiple hour bookings (more than one "1" hour), there is a 72 hour cancellation policy. That means that you will be charged "in full" if the reservation is cancelled within 72 hours of the scheduled reservation time. There is a 25% Cancellation/Service Fee to cover the time of preparing the reservation(s), for the slot being "held" when other clients are trying to reserve for that time, and the loss of revenue that VIP Limousines will incur by the time slot not being utilized after a cancellation.

(b) Individual Reservations for "Convention" dates and "Major Event" dates there are no cancellations accepted within 30 days of the commencement of the event. That means that you will be charged "in full" if the reservation is cancelled within 30 Days of the scheduled reservation. If cancelled prior to the 30 day cut-off, there is a 25% Cancellation/Service Fee to cover the time of preparing the reservation(s) and the loss of revenue that VIP Limousines will incur by the time slot not being utilized.

Major Events include New Years, CES, NASCAR, NAB, EDC and any convention/event with an estimated attendance of over 35,000 people.

*Changes to same day reservation(s) times and locations for pickups must be made within a "6" hour window, or additional fees may apply. Subject to availability .


IMPORTANAT NOTE; Please be advised that there is a shortage of active chauffeurs and luxury transportation vehicles currently in Las Vegas due to the pandemic. Airline's have been struggling with last minute flight changes, incorrect arrival times, and long delays. In addition, McCarran Airport itself has been experiencing occasional long tarmac wait times to gate the planes. This is causing a domino effect in all reservations throughout the luxury transportation industry in Las Vegas. In the event of a significant delay, or conflict with current reservations the day of your reservation, VIP Limousines "may not" be able to accommodate the change. Our staff is working as diligently and efficiently as possible under these extreme circumstances. In the event we can not accommodate your reservation at the last minute, we will email/text you and issue a complete refund. We apologize in advance for this unusual circumstance caused by the pandemic.

Reservations Submitted via email on the “same day” of the reservation request may not be honored unless you receive a valid email confirmation from VIP Limousines. Emailing a completed reservation form to VIP Limousines without receipt of a valid reservation confirmation "is not" a confirmed reservation and you may not receive service. You may call 702-649-5466 if you do not hear from VIP Limousines prior to your arrival time.
Service is Not Guaranteed "until you receive a valid confirmation number".

A- “All” reservations require a credit card to secure the reservation, excluding accounts setup and held on file. Shuttle Bus and Party/Limousine Bus reservations require payment in full upon reserving. Although it is very uncommon, VIP Limousines reserves the right to cancel, within ample time, any reservation due to conflict in schedule, blackout dates and special events. Errors in reservations may on a very rare occasion, be incorrectly input. With this in mind and to offer the highest level of customer service, it is "you" the customer that "must" review the email confirmations sent to you, to ensure there is a flawless reservation. Last Minute Reservation May Require Payment To Be Paid In Cash

B- VIP Limousines (we); “All Reservations” require the primary passenger(s) contact number at the time of pickup. This information is considered confidential and will not be shared with anyone with respect your privacy. If you or the passenger(s) cannot locate the chauffeur or driver you/they are instructed to call our offices at 702-649-5466.

C- RATES; 1- Airport Rates - All airport arrivals are tracked by chauffeurs and dispatch; the "charges" begin at the "actual" time the airplane touches the runway. INDIVIDUAL RESERVATIONS; Because McCarran Airport has multiple escalators, elevators and obstacles in the baggage carousel; We will meet the passenger(s) at arriving flights corresponding baggage claim carousel. We attempt to “Meet and Greet” the passenger in a prompt, professional and efficient manner and do not deviate from this policy. Locating chauffeur at the airport; Due to the ever changing gate assignments, escalator choices and elevators that can be utilized after deboarding, our chauffeurs only meet at the baggage carousel where the flight's luggage would be picked up. This way there is no chance for missing the chauffeur. Regardless if you only have carry-ons, please proceed to where the baggage carousel is associated with your flight arrival. This alleviates any potential of not being able to locate our chauffeurs. FOR GROUP OR GREETER venues, instructions on "meet and greets" will be adjusted accordingly. With all due respect, we are not responsible for charges exceeding the minimum hour; due to "any" circumstances including “passengers” locating the chauffeur or driver, stopping for; a beverage, a slot machine, a cigarette, the restroom, delay of luggage, or waiting on a airport wheelchair, etc. On "International Customs Flights" clearing in Las Vegas, we allow 30 minutes from the time of landing before the clock starts on your reservation. On Domestic flights, the clock starts at "wheels down" (landing) only and we do not deviate from this policy. Multiple flight arrivals on one reservation may be subject to additional fees. We must be informed of multiple flights, and the flight numbers. We will only track the last flight landing as per the schedule landing time and the clock will start then. If there is a significant delay on any earlier flight, and the last flight arrives before the earlier ones, we will depart as directed by the last flight's passengers. In the event they ask us to wait for the delayed flight(s) additional charges will accumulate in half hour increments. 1a- Due to scheduling purposes, unless VIP Limousines has already been made aware of, and it is “noted” on your reservation confirmation, last minute time extensions and additional stops cannot be made. In addition; Please be advised; Certain Conventions have registration and badge pickups at the airport. The delay will incur additional charges for waiting, and the chauffeur, whom may have another ride scheduled, without proper notice given to VIP may have to depart, and end the ride. 2- Hourly Rates - The charges begin at the scheduled time of pickup. VIP Limousines is not responsible for charges exceeding the minimum hour; due to "any" circumstances including “passengers” not coming out promptly, still on the golf course, still in the clubhouse, locating the chauffeur or driver, stopping for; a beverage, a slot machine, a cigarette, the restroom, or any other reason. Additional fees will apply if you exceed the allotted time. The minimum time is one hour from the scheduled pickup. If you exceed, you will be responsible for additional "undisputed" charges that will go forward n half hour increments. VIP Limousines will not be liable for the delays or cancellations caused by; an act of god, public enemy, act of terrorism, authority of law, quarantine, riot, accidents, breakdowns, road closures, re-routing of traffic patterns, delays caused by construction, bad road conditions, storm, unsafe road conditions, traffic accidents or any unforeseen road events or weather conditions beyond its control. It is by no means the intention of VIP Limousines to cause any delays in any reservation. Our scheduling is based on a one hour minimums, and any extension of the allotted time will be passed to the customer, client, passenger, or account without dispute. 3- Added Beverages Through Our Concierge Service; Depending on your preference of beverages such as soda, beer, alcohol and champagne, it can be purchased through our concierge for an additional $ 20.00 service/amenity fee, plus the cost of the item you desire. The items "must" be ordered at least 3-4 days prior to the commencement of the reservation. Last minute requests cannot be accommodated, but you may stop at a store* to purchase them and additional fees "may" apply. Concierge orders must be a "commonly" found brand or item, as they will not "shop" around. They shop at Total Wine and Liquor; You may view their websites to see if the item is available in-store. There is absolutely no food consumption or smoking of any kind, permitted in any of our vehicles. Violation for downtime, and neutralizing Odors is $ 500.00. You may also bring your own beverages, but will need to let us know as we no longer stock glassware in the vehicle due to the pandemic. We will provide you with clear “hard” plastic cups upon request. Special Terms and Conditions involving trash may apply. Excessive trash or abuse of the interior will incur a minimum of a $ 250.00 charge. Terms and conditions may be found here; 4- Third Party Amenities; Sorry, we “do not” offer third party amenities other than beverages. If you’d like flowers, balloons, cakes or any other items, we suggest that you contact a local business and have the items sent to our office. This ensures everything is fresh and as you’d like.

D- Contracted Clients and Credit Card Authorizations; you will be sent a "Credit Authorization Form" when you are ready to make your reservation.

E- AUTHORIZATION OF CHARGES - By signing the "Credit Authorization Form" you authorize and confirm reservations with VIP Limousines, without “dispute”, to charge the credit card listed on the confirmation form. You also acknowledge that you have approved the rates quoted and have accepted the terms and conditions. All reservations must be originated by VIP Limousines, evidence of which is indicated by VIP Limousines via telephone, email, fax, USPS or other approved VIP Limousines document for confirmation.

F- AUTHORIZED PERSONS; You also authorize the person(s) listed (if any) on the "Credit Authorization Form" to reserve transportation services to be paid by the credit card listed. If no one else is authorized to arrange transportation services to be charged to your card; please put an “X” across the box on the form.

G- PURCHASES; Client Agrees to pay for all purchases of chauffeured transportation services rendered and such other charges. No terms and conditions of any agreement, reservation or order different from the standard terms will become part of any transaction unless specifically approved in a written amendment by VIP Limousines. INVOICES ARE DUE UPON RECEIPT.

H- PAYMENTS; Due to security concerns, and protection of your form of payment, all "ASAP" reservations may be subject to payment in cash. If utilizing a credit card for "ASAP" reservations, the credit card's Card Holder must be present, and present at least one form of Government issued ID or Passport. We accept Cash and All Major Credit Cards and All payments are DUE Upon Booking or on large contracted venues due immediately after finalization of the venue, and receipt of the invoice. 2- Debit Cards – we will charge your debit card as a credit card; we are not responsible for any overdrafts or bank charges you may incur due to insufficient funds. To avoid this predicament please inform us of any delays in funds being available. 3- Changes/Updates – All changes to reservations must be in writing and confirmed with VIP Limousines via email, or Fax .CHANGES MAY NOT BE MADE WITH CHAUFFEURS AND WILL NOT BE HONORED. YOU MUST CALL VIP LIMOUSINE DIRECTLY TO MAKE ANY CHANGES OR ADJUSTMENTS. 4- No Shows - we provide the highest level of customer service; you or the passenger(s) will be charged the full rate of reservation if there is a "NO SHOW"; you must call our office if you do not locate your chauffeur; 702-649-5466. 5- Rates - All reservations are a minimum of one hour. 6- Overtime – at the completion of the first hour, overtime will apply in half hour increments until the reservation is completed. 7 -Credit Card Clients - charges to your credit card will be made prior to services rendered and/or due immediately for any services extended.

I- MISC Safety and Additional Charges Notes; 1- Seat belts – All passengers are required by law to wear seat belts*. Child seats available upon request, and are exempt in public transportation. *See NRS 484B.157 2- Liability – We will not be liable for the delays or cancellations caused by the act of god, public enemy, act of terrorism, authority of law, quarantine, riot, accidents, breakdowns, bad road conditions, storm, unsafe road conditions, traffic accidents or unforeseen road events or weather conditions beyond its control. Pricing of Services- Pricing structure is public record and is available upon request. 3- Luggage- we will not be liable for any loss or damaged luggage or its contents unless by a lack of reasonable care, and then only twenty five dollars ($ 25.00) for loss of, or damage to any single piece of luggage including its contents. 4- Property – Chauffeurs and drivers make a reasonable search and review of the vehicle after a reservation is completed. We are not responsible for any items that may have been left in the beverage wells or in/under or in the ice. We are not responsible for any personal items left in the vehicle. 5- Damages -The client/passenger(s) assume full financial liability for any damage to the limousine caused during the duration of the reservation by any members of their party. 6- Over Sized Luggage Note; The chauffeur "will not" permit any bags, other than purses in the passenger compartment or the front seat. UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. The ride would not go forward and you would be charged. If the luggage does not fit in the trunk, which is "standard" sized, you will be required to have another vehicle come to assist at an additional charges. Chauffeurs, due to termination, will not violate this rule as "all" are cars are equipped with "real-time" audio and video. 7- Additional Fees - We take pride in our equipment; You are renting our vehicle, you do not own it. Horseplay is Prohibited. Damages to the vehicle; by Law; "the party that reserved the vehicle is responsible for any and all damages caused by the passengers" 8- Additional fees that will be charged include: Vehicle Downtime for cleaning of customers leaving overwhelming trash in the vehicle. A Minimum of $ 250.00, In addition, due to the current pandemic, and potential health hazards presented, it is now currently required that all passengers "must" remove all of their used cups, bottles, trash and amenities when the reservation is completed. There is No Food Consumption permitted in any vehicle. Additionally, the use of rice or confetti for weddings is prohibited. For cleaning downtime Sickness/Fouling the vehicle interior; $500.00, Cigarette Burns of any nature $ 300.00, There is No Smoking of any kind. For Sanitizing Downtime and Neutralizing Smoking Odors, The Smoking Fine of $ 450.00, Again, there is No Smoking. For Broken or Missing Decanters $ 50.00, Broken or Missing Glasses $ 10.00 each, In addition, any cosmetic, equipment, and/or appearance damages you will be assessed from an authorized garage and you will be additionally charge for the repair. 9-Prohibited Acts - Any use of illegal substances or actions forbidden by LAW is strictly prohibited. 10- Vehicles cannot be loaded beyond seating capacity. 10- Ice is supplied in all limousines to keep the items in the "wells" or "wet bar" cold. THE ICE IS NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION and you may be used at your own risk. Wells are sanitized daily.

J- Service Disclaimer - By entering the vehicle, you consent to audio recording, video recording. You release VIP Limousines, LLC, its officers and employees, and each and all persons involved from any liability connected with the taking, recording, video and/or or sound recordings. By entering the vehicle, you waive all rights you may have to any claims for payment or royalties in connection with any exhibition, streaming, webcasting, televising, or other publication of these materials, regardless of the purpose or sponsoring of such exhibiting, broadcasting, webcasting, or other publication irrespective. You have been fully informed of your consent, waiver of liability, and release before entering the vehicle. Please be advised that the excessive heat in Las Vegas makes it impossible to guarantee air conditioning will be personally sufficient. The vehicles are maintained regularly to ensure optimal performance, and we strive to offer the highest level of service.

K- Non Discrimination and Special Needs; A- VIP Limousines will not refuse service to anyone based on race, creed, sex, or national origin. B- The ADA prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in employment, public entities, public accommodations, transportation, telecommunications, and recreation. If you require "special" transportation services, or assistance, please let our staff know preferably in written form, prior to being reserved or transported. We will make all reasonable accommodations when applicable. If you require assistance at the airport it is up to you the client to make the arrangements. McCarran Airport does have "wheelchairs" if required. Chauffeurs are not permitted to leave their vehicles "unattended" and can only get you as close as traffic and parking areas permit.

L- Objectionable Persons; The driver of the vehicle will have the right to refuse to transport any person (s) or passenger (s) that is (are) intoxicated, unruly, or believed to be under the influence of any controlled substance.

M- Delays/Breakdowns/Interruptions/Extensions; VIP Limousines will not be liable for the delays or cancellations caused by the act of god, public enemy, act of terrorism, authority of law, quarantine, riot, strikes, force majeure, accidents, breakdowns, bad road conditions, storm or weather conditions beyond its control. All vehicles subject to availability. In the event of an unexpected delay, a breakdown, unexpected extension from previous passengers, or other unavoidable or intended interruption, Las Vegas VIP Limousines will make sure that you are served transportation adequately. VIP Limousines reserves the right to substitute any vehicle to an equal or better vehicle in the event of an unanticipated mechanical or prior reservation extension event. Las Vegas VIP Limousines will dispatch a vehicle equal to or better than the original vehicle reserved, unless certain circumstances such as a large event or convention prevent that from being possible. (this could be through our fleet or an affiliate) The vehicle colors and interiors may vary, but will accommodate the requested passenger count at equal to or better than quality. In the event of a substitution for such circumstances, your rate will be adjusted accordingly. In addition, if there is ample time/notice given to you informing you of a potential unexpected situation, you may cancel with our "Cancellation Fee" waived.

N- PETS; *SERVICE AND GUIDE dogs assisting handicap passengers, with documentation, are approved for transportation but must bring this to VIP Limousines attention prior to booking. Sorry, no other pets or animals of any kind are permitted in any vehicle "without" the express written consent of VIP Limousines of Nevada. Then upon approval, all pets must be in a kennel or pet carrier. Pets "may not" ride freely or be out of the kennel/carrier in any vehicle at any time. VIP Limousines hereby expressly disclaims, and you the passenger, hereby expressly release VIP Limousines and it's employees from, any and all liability whatsoever for any controversies, claims, suits, injuries, loss, harm and/or damages arising from and/or in any way related to the transportation service provided. You acknowledge and agree that YOUR USE AND/OR PROVISION OF PET CARE IS AT YOUR SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE RISK. In addition, you the passenger agree that the pet is current with all required shots by law. If the pet has an accident, releases body fluids of any kind, fouls the vehicle's air conditioning, or somehow damages any vehicle, there will be a minimum fee of $250.00 for cleanup and vehicle down time. Additional fees may apply.

O-Exceptional Conditions; VIP Limousines is not liable in the event of mechanical breakdown, prior to, or while on charter and will only be responsible for making up lost time at a mutually agreed date. VIP Limousine may also substitute a vehicle in this event to ensure you do have transportation for your event. VIP Limousines is not responsible for delays or the termination caused by unsafe road conditions, traffic accidents or unforeseen road events. VIP Limousines is not responsible for any damages to personal property or items/articles left in vehicle.

Please be advised that all vehicle passenger counts are based on the legal amount of passengers that may be seated in the vehicle. This is defined by the number of seatbelts the vehicle has when built by the manufacturer or coach builder. Not all vehicles will fully accommodate larger groups even though the passenger count may state that it does. If you believe your group may fit this criteria, we suggest reserving the next larger passenger count vehicle.

P- Air Conditioning and Extreme Temperatures; There are No Refunds; We put our vehicles through the highest level of maintenance and precautionary measures and although we strive to offer you the highest level of customer service and safety; VIP Limousines is not liable, and will not refund for inadequate cooling of the passenger compartment for temperatures exceeding 85 degrees Fahrenheit or more. Heat advisories may be in effect May 15 through September 15; There is extreme heat in Las Vegas during this time. Temperatures are over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Please be advised that although VIP Limousines maintains all the vehicles regularly, and they are working to the highest level of service and operational safety, there may be times when the vehicle will be uncomfortable to some. As a courtesy to all customers during this time we must make you aware of these extreme conditions. All "vehicles" are in perfect operating conditions when leaving the yard, and the AC's are all operating as manufactured, but will be straining under these extreme conditions. Stretched Limousines at these extreme temperatures, when standing idle in the desert sun all day, unlike a small passenger car, there is more "open" space to fill with AC as well as more vehicle for the sun to heat up. Since the vehicles have flat roofs, and more glass and window space it is even tougher to maintain a comfortable temperatures . After loading and unloading passengers, there is a 10-20 minute time period that the vehicle's interior will need to refill with cooler air.. All Stretched limousines, and buses in our fleet, will have cold water on board* as a courtesy. There are no refunds for any issues involving the air conditioning as they are working, but there is only so much they can do under these strenuous conditions. We will not send out a vehicle that has no air conditioning, but it will not be as cool as a personal vehicle and some passengers will be uncomfortable. Especially between the hours of 1000 AM and 900 PM daily. Please keep in mind and inform all your guests to be sure and drink a lot of water and stay well hydrated while visiting. We want everyone to enjoy their visit to our fabulous city! By authorizing the charges and entering the vehicle; you the consumer agree that you have been informed that the vehicle temperature may be uncomfortable and will not dispute under that circumstance. Please be advised that the excessive heat in Las Vegas makes it impossible to guarantee air conditioning will be personally sufficient. If you suspect that your health or any of your guests and small children could be at risk for any reason, or this could aggravate a pre-existing condition of any kind please cancel your reservation.

If you believe this may be an concern, please call our office, within 24 hours of the reservation to cancel the booking. We apologize for the inconvenience, we cannot control mother nature. If you choose to cancel, the cancellation fee will be waived under these circumstances but the cancellation "must" be made at least 24 hours prior to the reservation. Any attempt to cancel after the 24 hour mark "will" result in a cancellation fee. VIP Limousine will use all due care for the provision of its service to guests. Guests entering the vehicle, participating in transportation during this time, do so at their own risk. No liability or responsibility is accepted by Las Vegas VIP Limousines, VIP Limousines of Nevada and VIP Transportation for any injury, illness, damage, loss, accident, expense, or any other claim arising from involvement with transporting you or your guests.

Q- Lost Items; Although after every reasonable attempt to ensure nothing is left in the vehicle after a reservation/trip/ride, Las Vegas VIP Limousines, LLC, Dba, VIP Limousines of Nevada and VIP Transportation of Nevada is not responsible for anything left in the vehicle. Our policy is for the chauffeur/driver to inspect the rear compartment after every trip and contact us if there is anything found, if there is trash left behind, and if our vehicle incurred any damage from the previous ride. There is also video recorded in each vehicle for safety and for quality assurance. It is you the passenger/client that must remember to take all belongings with you and keep the vehicle as you entered it.

R- Lighting and Sound Disclaimer; Warning; Lighting and Sound Systems may be harmful For your entertainment and as a Limousine or Party Bus standard, all of our limousines have custom lighting and sound systems. There are IPod, USB, Bluetooth and auxiliary jacks for you to enjoy your music or videos. Our vehicles are equipped with rotating lasers and lights so please, it is your responsibility to avoid all direct eye exposure. If you feel uncomfortable with the lasers on, it is your responsibility to tell the chauffeur or driver to turn it off. The same goes with our custom sound systems. If you feel the sound system is too loud, please let the chauffeur or driver know to turn it down or off. By entering the vehicle you acknowledge that VIP Limousines have employed diligent efforts and care in making the vehicles as safe as possible; and that despite the foregoing efforts, you understand that there are, nevertheless, certain inherent risks in being transported in one of our vehicles. By entering a VIP Limousine or Transportation's vehicle, you accept all responsibility and hold VIP Limousine and Transportation harmless in any and all visual or hearing issues. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ASK THE CHAUFFEUR OR DRIVER TO TURN THEM OFF OR DOWN (sound).

S-Safety; All passengers must remain seated while any of VIP Limousine or Transportation's vehicles are in motion. It is the law. Please remain seated. With the exception of buses, all vehicles have safety belts and it is your responsibility to use them. Risks of possible injuries can occur if you are not seated and buckled up. Some Party Buses may have dance poles in them. Dance poles may only be utilized when the vehicle is stationary and parked.

T- Disclosure; You specifically acknowledge the existence of these risks and all associated risks of being transported. You agree to abide by these terms and conditions as listed. By entering a Las Vegas VIP Limousine, LLC, VIP Limousine of Nevada or VIP Transportation of Nevada's vehicle, you agree to be transported in VIP Limousines and Transportation with the full understanding of the same. That if you or your property are injured while being transported, the inherent risks and dangers mentioned above, you agree to release, indemnify and hold Las Vegas VIP Limousines, LLC, VIP Limousine of Nevada, and Transportation of Nevada, your employer or event sponsor harmless from any injuries or any expenses associated therein to the fullest extent as permitted by law. VIP companies take everything into consideration when it comes to safety of the travelling public, pedestrians, employees, and passengers. Safety is our number one concern. HOWEVER, YOU ENTER AND ARE TRANSPORTED AT YOUR OWN RISK.

U- Updates; Any part of these terms and conditions may be amended at any time and are subject to change. Special Events are subject to additional Terms and Conditions which will be announced upon inquiry.

V- GIFT CARD PURCHASES; We generate a special order number and convert it into a "Gift Card". When VIP's Gift Card is utilized, the Visa gift card will be handed to the buyer at the time of the reservation. There is a "5" Gift Card Per Client Limit. Gift Cards are available for purchase until April 15, 2022. Gift Cards do not expire. Gift Cards cannot be used in conjunction with any other special or promotion.

W- Vehicle Privacy Partition; Due to recent events, changes in laws prohibiting the consumption of marijuana in vehicles, insurance liabilities, and the pandemic safety protocols, we no longer offer vehicles with a privacy partitions. We apologize for the inconvenience.

VIP Limousines of Nevada® is the "Original" VIP Limousine company in Las Vegas.
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